Frequently Asked Questions

What types of animals do you certify?
We certify dogs and cats only.

Can PUP volunteers do home visits?
No. Due to insurance reasons, we are unable to do in home visits.

Once my pet is certified, where can I take it?
You can take your PUP anywhere that accepts Project PUP’s certification. Please call and ask for the Activities or Volunteer Coordinator.

Once my pet is certified, is that the same as being a service animal?
Therapy pets and service animals are not the same. Therapy pets are individual’s pets that have been evaluated for disposition and are friendly and comforting to strangers.

What should I do if something happens on a visit?
If something unexpected happens on a visit, even if it’s a near miss, please report it immediately using our Incident Report Form. The completed form can be scanned and emailed to [email protected].

What do I need to bring to an information session?
Please bring yourself and your questions. The information sessions are for humans only.

Do I have to retest annually?
No. Once you have passed your screening, pay your annual dues and submit your updated Health Certificate annually. Remember to also update us if you change locations that you visit.